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Michelle December 26, 2009

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i ❤ this song its sooooo gud. its in the post below sooooo….. LISTEN TO IT!



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If any of u guys rnt having the ah-mazing break tht u thot ud b having (like me) then this post shud cheer u up… hopefully.



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Je regrette taking francais! ugh! its sooooo hard! i mean i luv it but i also dnt like it at the same time. grrrrrr. lol we watched nemo in french and it was so funny the were all….. french. dk it was so weird tho.


Merry Jewish Christmas!

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christmas is one of those really boring days for us jews… watching all of our friends get amazing gifts *cough cough* (macs) while everybody is celebrating…. and what are we doing????

being the worlds best couch potatos. (hehe po-ta-to sac!) we go out for chinese food and watch movies, yesterday i saw the blind side (BEST MOVIE EVR! i cant blive its based on a real story) and we went home nd ate chinese then we watched the christmas movie and the grinch. it was so funny when i went to the movie theatre it was all jews (like me) asians and indians… there were so many different races.

amanda i hope u liked ur thingthingy lol thx for the pink! i use it evryday! hehe.ewwwwwww i hate the song forever by drake…. its sooooo goth.

my name is wat… my name is who… my name is wat… SLIM SHADY!!!



Amanda December 19, 2009

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amanda. i will admit that we can all get annoying sometimes, but nothing can get between us….. we are INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!! i cant live with u but i cant live without u. I hope this makes u smile!



hey jude

vanilla twilight…. best song ever!

we love you amanda!!!!!!



Taber! December 15, 2009

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i am dedicating this post to u cuz the fight just showed tht wel b friends no matta wat! it made us stronger!


taber i will admit your not a bra…. but that u r always there for support!


Lol Really Dont Click That

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dont waste your precious time…….rly dont bother clicking the link below i was all excited cuz i thot it worked…. BUT NO! nothing works 4 me….. of course not. o and sory for not posting in a while even tho theres like nobody tht even goes on beatlesfanhere but wateva! lol but if u r reading this then tell all ur little friends to get off there butt and go stare at a computer screen and go onto beatlesfanhere! wooohhhhooooooo smexy partay! we love u mike! woooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =-0 wana no y im so happy???? cuz me and tabes r bffls again! yayyyyyyyy! nd today is national chocolate day! yahootie!!!! o! nd cuz me and the gurlzzz tht sit at my table got to go into the game room….. WITHOUT PARENTAL SUPERVISION! jkjk but it was fun tho.