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Merry Jewish Christmas! December 26, 2009

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christmas is one of those really boring days for us jews… watching all of our friends get amazing gifts *cough cough* (macs) while everybody is celebrating…. and what are we doing????

being the worlds best couch potatos. (hehe po-ta-to sac!) we go out for chinese food and watch movies, yesterday i saw the blind side (BEST MOVIE EVR! i cant blive its based on a real story) and we went home nd ate chinese then we watched the christmas movie and the grinch. it was so funny when i went to the movie theatre it was all jews (like me) asians and indians… there were so many different races.

amanda i hope u liked ur thingthingy lol thx for the pink! i use it evryday! hehe.ewwwwwww i hate the song forever by drake…. its sooooo goth.

my name is wat… my name is who… my name is wat… SLIM SHADY!!!



Happy Belated Turkey Day! November 27, 2009

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Yesterday i was 2 buzy to blog cuz……. I WAS AT THE PARADE!!!!!!!!!!!!omg i saw keke palmer, mitchell musso……. and jay sean! it was so kewl….. even tho think i still hav confetti in my pants…..